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Access+ Marketing Tech is where creative graphic design, strategic marketing and technology intersect. We are a rapidly growing graphic design/digital marketing and technology firm that has been helping business visionaries achieve their mission through graphic design, digital marketing, and web-hosting services and more. Our firm is located in Palm Beach County, Florida; however, with our passion for design and our dedication to client satisfaction, our global online presence continues to develop and expand.

The tech firm was founded in 2011 by Claudel Paul, an internationally known business mogul and trusted advisor for a plethora of small businesses in South Florida. Under the Nu-Life Megacorp umbrella, originally established as Claudesign Graphics, the company expanded and converted to Access+ Marketing Tech in 2019.

Access+ Marketing Tech is proud to offer numerous services to clients all across the globe. Services include, but are not limited to, business consulting, product branding, web development, audio/visual services and brand ambassador opportunities. We work with many high-volume fan based Influencers to help our clients get more exposure. Additionally, we have a database with over 3.5 billion leads to help our clients build their brand, through services such as e-mail marketing and paid-ads on our popular social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

In the last year, Access+ Marketing Tech experienced rapid growth. Our growth can be attributed to the continued advancements with information technology, especially during unprecedented times, such as the pandemic. A+ Marketing Tech has and continues to work with hundreds of organizations. Among them are the following: Petition Law Firm, Nette Fresh Fritay, Freedom Tax Services, Excelsior Healthcare, Freedom Realty, HNC Holdings, Mersche Boutique, Heart of Hope, BJ Claims, Lux Restaurant, LaBelle Production, Dance A L, and more.

Come see why our users chose Access+ Marketing Tech as their trusted graphic designer, marketing and web-hosting provider. Let’s stand together; join our growing family by contacting us today!

The Founder

Our Founder, Claudel Paul Theagene, is a world renowned entertainer and businessman with a following of over 300,000 people. Claudel’s portfolio represents man’s story of passion and the pursuit of happiness and influence guided through his passion for the arts, including graphic design and business marketing. Born to a single mother in Haiti, Claudel’s life story included overcoming oppression, stepping beyond stereotypes, thriving through turmoil, challenging poverty to reshape his destiny. As a result of his appreciation for his mother’s sacrifices to pay for his education, Claudel grew more and more motivated to work hard and become successful.

After he graduated from high school in Haiti, he migrated to the Dominican Republic where he attended The school of Engineering & Technology at La Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago. Afterwards, Claudel transferred to La Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) where he pursued a degree in Graphic Design and Marketing. While at PUCMM, he attended El Instituto Nacional de Formación Técnico Profesional, a technical school where he pursued computerized accounting and business management, and he graduated with a certification in Microsoft Office.

About 10 years later, Claudel relocated to North America, with a mission to achieve the American Dream and beyond. He served as a marketing executive for respectable organizations, such as WaysTV, where his multilingual skills, cultural diversity and strategic influence leveraged the network to become one of the most highly recognized Haitian networks in the nation.

In 2011, he founded Claudesign Graphics, which provided graphic design and marketing services. A short time later, his clientele significantly increased and became more and more diversified. Simultaneously, Claudel pursued other business ventures that led up to the incorporation of Nu-Life Mega Corp. Under the Nu-Life Umbrella, and as a result of rapid expansion, Claudesign became Access+ Marketing Tech.

Claudel’s diligence and passion has influenced many individuals and businesses alike. He continues to grow beyond the scope of his community. As a result of his leadership, since our founding, our organization has become highly recognized and profitable. Although he is humbly proud of all his accomplishments, including his contributions to the success of Access+ Marketing Tech, Claudel is most proud of his family, especially his two young children, Claudy & Halle.


Here at Access+ Marketing Tech, our mission is to help clients build recognition, growth and wealth by raising industry standards, delivering customized graphic designs, providing secure web-hosting services, and by implementing data-driven marketing strategies to drive desired outcomes.


With a development team experienced in optimizing technology, our vision is to build lasting relationships with our current and prospective clients and to serve as their primary source for all digital marketing and business technology needs, world-wide.

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Since its founding  A Plus Marketing Tech is committed to provide good quality with global availability. We focus on the stability of our Data Centers, rigorous internal processes and the high standards of customer support.



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We have an extensive knowledge-base, one of the best in the web hosting industry. Not only does it have educational tutorials, but our customer community team members are continuously monitoring the Help Center and are always willing to answer any questions you may have along with sharing the latest updates from the web hosting world.

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